E-governance uses digital technology to improve public services and engage citizens. IT companies develop and implement solutions to digitize administrative processes, enhance service delivery, and promote transparency. They offer services such as software development, database management, website design, and Cyber security to support e-governance.

Our innovative workflow-based solutions help local authorities provide better services to citizens by streamlining complex urban problems. For example, our Online Building Plan Approval System automates the approval process, saving time and money while boosting efficiency.

Digit implementation

Digits ultimate goal is to improve digital governance and help organizations and individuals make more informed decisions and streamline their operations using technology. The use of open-source technology is a valuable tool for improving administrative capacity and creating a better future for all. By using this platform, governments, partners, and citizens can benefit from improved governance in many ways. For example, they can access more comprehensive and up-to-date information, streamline administrative processes, and collaborate more effectively.

DIGIT offers API collections for service integration, including Core Service APIs listed in a table.

Access control

Create new roles, Update existing roles, Search for list of roles based on role codes, Create new action, Update existing actions & roles.

Employee registry

Add employee, Update employee data, Generate count for list of active & inactive employees, Search for employees.


Encrypt given values, Decrypt given values, Provide signature for given values, Verify signature, Deactivate keys for given tenant and generate new key.


Send user messages to chatbot using POST and GET request.

Workflow service

Create/Update/Search new business service, Create new workflow entry, Get the list of workflows, Get count of applications.

Payment gateway services

Create new payment instruction / Update existing payment /Retrieve current status of payment.

Our Proposed Value Addition

It is a web-based platform that allows individuals and businesses to apply for and manage various permits and licenses required for conducting business activities. OBPAS aims to simplify the process of obtaining permits and licenses, reduce bureaucracy, and promote transparency in government transactions.


The property tax system provides a digital interface to make property assessment, pay property tax, generate payment receipts and monitor tax collection. It can be used by citizens, Urban Local Body(ULB) counter ad field employees and ULB administrators to accomplish their specific tasks.


The Trade License System provides a digital interface, allowing citizens to apply for the Trade License and subsequently make the payment online. The system enables business owners to easily apply for licenses, renewals, amendments, and additional licenses, automating and simplifying the licensing process and speeding up the business establishment.


The PGR system is an application in which citizens can lodge complaints and track the status of the redressal mechanism. The Citizen or Citizen Service Representative (CSR) on behalf of citizens can lodge civic works and miscellaneous grievances elated complaints in the PGR system.


The Marriage Registration Module facilitates citizens in obtaining a marriage registration certificate from any municipality without the need to physically visit the office. This can be done remotely using a website or mobile application, providing a convenient and accessible option for the public.


W&S system provides a digital interface to apply for water and sewerage connections and pay the water and sewerage connection charges. It can be used by the citizens, Urban Local Body (ULB) counter employees and field employees, PHEO and WATCO to accomplish their specific task.